Where is Atlantis located?

First we tell you where the capital city of Atlantis is located. That is the ringed capital city called Atlantis with a diameter of 23km. It consists of a centre island, two land rings, three water rings and then the last outer ringed area is what we would call ‘down town’ Atlantis. Around the round city wall was a round plain, which was again surrounded by a rounded mountain range. This is how Plato has described the city. Where would this City be today?

Below is a NASA satellite photo on how the city looks today, nearly 12.000 years after its destruction by an earthquake and subsequent Tsunami.

The Richat structure (NASA)

It looks rather washed out doesn’t it? This structure is called the ‘Richat’ today and lies in MAURITANIA, a country in West Africa. In and around this area a vast number of artefacts are found. All dating back to at least 12.000 years before our time. Probably one of the richest archaeological site on earth. Which is not surprising, considering that according to Plato at least one million people must have lived here 12.000 years ago.

The Richat structure (NASA) 

Here is a map of Mauritania with the ‘RICHAT’ today
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