Solon lived 638 BC until 558 BC and was an Athenian statesman, lawmaker, and a poet. He is known for his efforts to legislate against political, economic and moral decline in archaic Athens. His he is often credited with having laid down the foundations democracy. 

According to Plato's writings in Timaeus and Critias a statesman Solon heard about Atlantis from an Egyptian priest during a visit to Sais in Egypt about 590 B.C. The priests claimed to have admission to records about Atlantis written on pillars within the temple. Solon having begun his great work in verse about the history or of the Atlantis,

which he had accumulated from the wise priest of Sais did not finish it, because of his age. It is interesting to know that Solon was a distant ancestor of Criteas while Criteas was an ancestor of Plato.

While the story of Atlantis began with Solon, it was not until about 200 hundred years later, that the narrative was written by Plato – the great philosopher.