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Visiting Atlantis
Visiting Atlantis Trailer

A huge collection of artefacts is found in and around the Richat Structure. Most are approximately 12.000 years old or older.

A fascinating stone was found not too far from the site which George S Alexander and Natalis Rosen claim to be the site of Atlantis.
The locals call it the ‘SURFBOARDS OF THE GODS’ and the photos below are displayed with compliments of ‘BAB SAHARA’, a guest house in the area.

This amazing stone artefact weighs about 40kg – it is 1.15m long and 50cm wide, with a thickness of only about 5cm. It shows highly advanced workmanship. One can even notice something similar to a bow at the bottom of the ‘surfboard’.

George S Alexander and Natalis Rosen are puzzled by this astonishing artefact and its' precise craftmanship.

Would anybody know what this could have been?

Arrow Heads and Spear Heads

Stone Spheres