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George S. Alexander

Alexander answers FAQ
Visiting Atlantis Trailer

What qualifies you to make statements about Atlantis?

George: Nothing really – I do not make statements about Atlantis. Plato does. I only repeat them. I have studied economics and I think the main lesson from my studies was how to do proper research. And I love research. I enjoy ancient scripts and the writings of our early historians and philosophers.

You mention various kingdoms of Atlantis. We thought Atlantis is one big island? Could you explain this?

George: There are three meanings for Atlantis in Plato’s writings:
First: the capital city of Atlantis
Second: The main island of Atlantis
Third: The empire of Atlantis
It is like: you get a city of New York, but you also get a ‘state of New York’ which is a much larger area. It can get confusing. Same name meaning different layouts.
The capital city of Atlantis is located on the main island of Atlantis and the main island of Atlantis is part of coastlines, peninsulas and further islands to form the Empire of Atlantis which consists of ten kingdoms. If one reads Plato carefully than all this becomes very clear.

If the word 'Atlantis' has several meanings, then which Atlantis have you found?

George: We have found all three, the capital city, the main island of Atlantis and we have established the extend of the empire of Atlantis. If you are interested, then please go to: www.gaia.com/video/visiting-atlantis to watch our documentary outlining the whereabouts of Atlantis.

You mention that Atlantis had colonies, what makes you think Atlantis had colonies?

The men of Atlantis had subjected the parts of Libya within the columns of Heracles (Gibraltar) as far as Egypt, and of Europe as far as Tyrrhenia (Italy)” By ‘subjected’ one could well imply ‘control over them’ or had colonized them. The area which Plato indicates as ‘controlled by Atlanteans’ includes the following today’s countries in the Mediterranean: Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Malta, Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Sardinia, Corsica, Sicily, southern Spain, southern France, southern Italy. All other Mediterranean countries notably Greece where outside the influence of the superpower.

And where exactly was the Empire of Atlantis located, where was the capital city of Atlantis located?

George: I am not going to take away the suspense. Please watch the documentary at www.gaia.com/video/visiting-atlantis. It concentrates mainly on the location of the capital city of Atlantis and the main island of Atlantis.

The DVD contain Freemasonic Symbols, are you a freemason?

George: No, I am not a freemason. But freemasonry probably had its origins in Atlantis, for example the compass you need in drawing the layout of Atlantis, that’s why the symbols are there. There is lots of allegory in the documentary. If you want to pick up the finer details, you would have to watch the DVD more than once.

What has taken you so long to tell us about your findings?

George: We did not know how to go about it. Write a book which most probably no one will ever publish? Never mind read. Tell your friends? Sure, and then it will stop there. Go to a TV station? Sorry, this is not part of our program layout…ehhm…. I still struggle to get the message out…But one thing I have realized – I never knew just how difficult it is to make a good documentary – now I have a deep respect for people who make good movies.

How and when did you find Atlantis?

George: By coincidence towards the middle of 2007. At the end of 2008 Natalis and I ‘visited’ the site and in March 2009 we started with the documentary.

The size of the outer wall is a perfect match with Plato’s measurements. However, there are discrepancies with regards to the sizes of the inner land and water rings. How do you explain this?

George: We have to realize that the outer land ring – inside the walls of the capital city of Atlantis – was the centre of the military power of the whole Atlantean Empire. The information which we have about those inner dimensions is from the Egyptian colony, from a country dominated by the Atlantean military forces. Any superpower – today – or then, will keep information about military capabilities, size and strength confidential – or misleading. One could almost expect that. Let us bear in mind, the overall size of the city, 23km diameter, is a near perfect match, as is the layout and the structure.

What did you find most fascinating on your journey to visit Atlantis?

Natalis: When we arrived at the centre island, what must have once been the holy centre of the Atlantean Empire – we still found a freshwater well, just as Plato had said, even though everything else had dried up.

The documentary ends with ``end of part 1``. When can we expect the second part?

George: We still have lots of unpublished material, especially about the ten kingdoms, colonies and cultural aspects. But documentaries are time consuming and expensive. And we do not have the capacities. Maybe we find someone who would like to partner with us. It will depend on a number of factors. We will see.

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