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Natalis Rosen comments on

Visiting Atlantis Trailer

The journey with George S. Alexander to investigate the probability that Atlantis is not under the sea but in a desert was an extraordinary adventure.

Visiting Atlantis was an experience on its own. Since the area is very remote, the travel arrangements where quite complex. Personally, I was never in search of Atlantis but rather in search of understanding life.

In the beginning I was quite sceptical but taking a closer look into the whole theory it suddenly hit me that it is a very good possibility. Nature does not create symmetrical landscapes. It would be a great coincidence by nature to have such parallels with Plato’s description of Atlantis in ‘Timaeus’ and ‘Critias’.

After traveling to the deserted area and getting all the facts together we were contemplating how to bring everything together and which media to use. Eventually we decided to do a documentary. We came up with the idea that we would allow the viewer to look and listen to Plato’s quotations itself and compare it with our findings. It was very important for us to stay with the clear facts of Plato.

For instance, Plato said:
“Atlantis, when sunk by the earthquake, became a blocked barrier of mud to voyagers sailing from hence to any part of the ocean”.

That is a very clear quote – Atlantis became a blocked barrier of mud and one was not able to journey out with ship. Staggeringly all clues which we had from Plato were perfectly matched by our findings.

We examined the credibility of Plato’s words and how he obtained this ancient knowledge, to make sure that we are using a reliable source. There are so many distorted descriptions of Atlantis. Therefore, it was important to go back to the main source which was an inscription in an Egyptian temple, which had information that was preserved by Solon and later by Plato.

We were also looking into the cultural belief system in the whole area around the foundation of the capital city of Atlantis and to our astonishment there are still mind-blowing similarities with the indigenous tribes there. So, all in all it was just unbelievable that this obvious location was never considered by scientists and the mainstream media. Even though everything is still perfectly laid out – even now. Atlantis is literally staring at us since we are able to capture satellite images and it is incredible how many questions this entire discovery could answer.

Well, the whole discovery is so enormous that George and I do not have the capacity to convey it. We would need everybody interested in this subject to take part and do their own search and compare the different places which have been and still are suggested as the capital city of Atlantis and form their own opinion. I can guarantee that nobody was ever able to put all the facts together to one particular place without one fact not matching as we were able to on this incredible location. I would recommend to those people who are intrigued with the legend of Atlantis to watch this documentary several times, because they will notice it is difficult to grasp all the information at once.

By investigating Plato’s facts, we became also aware of certain symbols. Our society still uses very dominant symbols and it needed some courage to accept a link with Atlantis.

Our technology is advancing, and we are more than ever able to perceive more details, either in the macrocosms or microcosms. Maybe that is why our mind sets are shifting. Therefore, we are now able to recognize information which might have been unacceptable before.

George and I are still mystified about the whole discovery and it took us about 2 years to put everything together and produce a documentary with very limited funding. We believe that the whole knowledge was there all the time it only needed someone to put the puzzle together. Therefore, we came to the conclusion that this knowledge should be available to everybody.

VISITING ATLANTIS Gateway to a lost world